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I'll see your 6s and raise you a pair of Goblins

Hey all,

So instead of another snore-worthy "I'm working all the time" post, I decided to share something most of you could actually use! So, today's post is a pair of goblins named Krivik and Nibba (both of whom were originally designed by Will Copper). These two, aside a small contingent of regular goblins, appear in the upcoming Rune of Hope adventure.

Krivik - Cleric of Felashurann, The Wraith King

XP 1,200

Goblin cleric 5

CE Small humanoid (goblinoid)

Init +8; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +3


AC 21, touch 12, flat-footed 20 (+7 armor, +1 Dex, +2 shield, +1 size)

hp 41 (5d8+15)

Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +7


Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)

Melee heavy mace +3 (1d6-1)

Special Attacks channel negative energy 1/day (DC 10, 3d6), destructive smite (+2, 6/day)

Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 5th; concentration +8)

6/day — fire bolt (1d6+2 fire)

Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +8)

3rdbestow curse (DC 16), fireballD ( DC 16), summon monster III

2nd — bull’s strength, hold person (DC 15), shatterD (DC 15), spiritual weapon

1st — command (DC 14), detect good, hide from undead (DC 14), shield of faith, true strikeD

D Domain spell; Domains Destruction, Fire


Before Combat If he has time, Krivik casts bull’s strength on Nibba, following up with shield of faith.

During Combat Krivik directs the goblins each round, casting command, hold person, and bestow curse to supplement their attacks. If the goblins start to fall, Krivik casts fireball and firebolts to supplement their attacks.

Morale Krivik fights to the death.


Str 8, Dex 18, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 6

Base Atk +3; CMB +1; CMD 15

Feats Heavy Armor Proficiency, Improved Initiative, Toughness

Skills Acrobatics -2, Knowledge (religion) +9, Ride +2, Sense Motive +11, Stealth +14;

Racial Modifiers +4 Ride, +4 Stealth

Languages Goblin; Honor 5

Combat Gear scroll of cure serious wounds (in caster’s shield);

Other Gear banded mail, caster’s shield, heavy mace

Nibba, Humanhunter

XP 600

Goblin ranger 3

CE Small humanoid (goblinoid)

Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7


AC 19, touch 15, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +4 Dex, +1 size)

hp 27 (3d10+6)

Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +2


Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)

Melee boar spear +5 (1d6+1)

Ranged mwk composite shortbow +8/+8 (1d4+2+1d6 fire/×3)

Special Attacks combat style (archery), favored enemy (humans +2)


Before Combat Nibba sets her arrows and climbs up on a boulder so she can shoot down at enemies.

During Combat Nibba takes orders from Krivik, but

focuses her attacks against humans, unless Krivik directs her elsewhere. If her preferred enemies aren’t potential targets, she focuses on clerics or paladins.

Morale Nibba fights to the death.


Str 12, Dex 19, Con 13, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 8

Base Atk +3; CMB +3; CMD 17

Feats Endurance, Point-blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot

Skills Acrobatics +1, Climb +4, Knowledge (geography) +5, Perception +7, Ride +5, Stealth +15, Survival +7; Racial Modifiers +4 Ride, +4 Stealth

Languages Goblin; Honor 3

SQ favored terrain (cold +2), track +1, wild empathy +2

Combat Gear potion of cure light wounds

Other Gear hide armor, boar spear, mwk composite shortbow (+1 Str) with 10 +1 flaming arrows

While these goblins are nasty, they are far from all that I plan to release on site. In fact, over the next few months, I plan to release more material, both for Rhune and O7, as well as a few other things I have up my sleeve, as well. Of course, if you've been following what's going on, you know I currently have a Kickstarter going - one that Ben, Brian, and I brainstormed - called Design Camp. With this Kickstarter, we're taking patrons on a tour of what we do behind the curtains. We're at 40% funding, which is pretty good for the first week. At our current rate, we'll definitely fund and, as a result, will be able to give backers a lot of cool stuff.

For now, however, it's goblins! Cheers, Jaye

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