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Building Bloodlines & Black Magic

If you had asked me a decade ago where I imagined Storm Bunny Studios would be, I don't know if you would get the same answer from me then as you would from me today.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, either. Games (and the people/companies who make them) change over time; as society evolves and progresses, so does its games.

In a lot of ways, I see Bloodlines & Black Magic as an extension of that progress; my desire has always been to create a dark setting whose space allows creative and thoughtful people a place to exercise their minds and explore the possibilities of such a fictional space.

That's kind of wild when you stop and think about it.

Over the next few months, everything my team and I have been building over the last few years will finally manifest in a far more tangible way and that is, for me, incredibly exciting. It's a little nerve-wracking as well, especially with me at the helm of all our production; I often find myself torn between writing, developing content (laying out a PDF), addressing business concerns, and simply developing for the joy of it. That can make all this even more anxiety-driving when you look at what the team and I are trying to create.

But, just like leveling your character, all these journies (even the ones where you build a small company) have encounters, tasks, challenges, and traps; you need to celebrate your victories while learning from each failure.

And while you may have a map and a trusty sword, few heroes know precisely what lies before them; every hero's journey is a little different.

When I was a younger man, I always imagined I would write a book someday.

I never dreamed I would write four, start a publishing company, and start building so much more.

Welcome to the weird, my friends. Cheers, Jaye

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