When it came time to repair the damage the War of Sovereigns left in its wake, the people of Alessia were lucky on several fronts. Before departing, the Sovereigns of Light commanded their servants to teach them how to access the Ring of Light, and with it, all of the miracles it might produce.


To illustrate its power, these servants accessed the Ring of Light, directing its power into the heart of the Empire of Xian and, through an elaborate song, repaired a great deal of that damage in days, instead of months. Awed by the incredible magnificence of the shower of light, fire, and radiance that washed over the land through the song, nearly all of the terrestrial participants vowed – upon completion – to unlock its full potential.


Several millennia later, the Holy Kingdom of Asrai champions this cause through a series of educational and religious organizations. The holy kingdom supports these efforts directly, as well, sponsoring several bardic colleges that, through several partnerships around the smaller nation, teach the incredible power of Light Weaving.


The World of Alessia Campaign Primer will be out in August 2019.

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