Bloodlines & Black Magic is an occult-themed roleplaying game set in the modern world.


In Bloodlines & Black Magic, player characters explore the twisted beyond their front door, with all of its many wonders and horrors. Players create player characters who, each episode, use their intelligence, their luck, their charm, and the magic in their blood to solve strange problems and right unnatural wrongs.


Player characters choose one of seven bloodlines; powerful semi-human families imbued with sorceries borrowed — or stolen — from the ancient universe itself.


Drawn together for any number of reasons, these heroes use their powers to Pierce the Veil, seeing past the mundane illusions of the Mundane World and into the Invisible World, giving them access to a fractured reality none of us truly know.


Bloodlines & Black Magic is played over 7 levels, with heroes slowly transforming themselves from common heroes to secret royalty – if they can survive. Forever hunted by the Archons and their agents, some player characters seek out powerful Goëtic Spirits – forming alliances, making enemies, unraveling riddles, and taking the power of ancient gods for their own to serve a different vision of tomorrow.

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