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The Mists of Akuma Kickstarter goes live on Friday!

This week, Storm Bunny Studios will be supporting the launch of The Mists of Akuma, a 5e compatible campaign setting designed by Pathfinder freelancer Mike Myler. This is a big step for Storm Bunny Studios, one that affords all of us the opportunity to do two very important things.

First, it's our first collaborative project revolving around intellectual property that isn't our own. We're playing in Mike's sandbox and, where and when possible, adding to "the cool." Of course, we're also doing our absolute best to make sure the net results of this Kickstarter meets or exceeds our own high standards. This is somewhat of a balancing act (a truism I think all creative people understand), but one we're all willing to undergo. Of course, like all design work, this translates into a lot of discussion, a fair bit of "idea mapping", and whenever possible, some very fun collaboration. Mike's also assembled a pretty cool team of developers, so the overall process is pretty rewarding.

(This image does not belong to Storm Bunny Studios and was added via my personal Mists of Akuma Pinterest. For those interested, the original source can be found on the Crushing Despair Tumbler.... which is awesome and you should totally go check it out)!

Secondly, this is our first. full foray into 5e (go ahead, say that five times fast), and something of a precursor to what we have planned for the future. Since there have been several requests to convert Rhune to 5e, this gives all of us an opportunity to really dig into the mechanics, especially in light of the official release of the 5e Open Gaming License.

Suffice it to say, we're all very excited about Friday's Kickstarter launch (which you should totally attend)! If you want more info, you can find everything here on Facebook.

Oh, and before I'm done, IF you do use Pinterest, you should check our my Mists of Akuma board. It's basically the nightmare fuel I've been doing shots of while envisioning how dark I'd develop in and around Mike's setting.

(This image does not belong to Storm Bunny Studios and was added via my personal Mists of Akuma Pinterest. For those interested, the original source can be found on DrawCloud, located here. The illustrator is Jaron Zheng).

You can still pre-order copies of The Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide!

If you've been thinking about ordering a copy, either for yourself or for a friend, you still have time. The digital files are currently at the printer and, from the message they sent me today, have been accepted and processed. I should be getting my preview copy of the book this week or next. So, if you want your copy when I order one for all the other backers, do not hesitate to contact me and order one!

And finally, two Patreons you absolutely should check out!

As many Pathfinder fans know, Clinton Boomer makes very cool stuff. Most of that cool stuff can be found on his Tumblr, which is always free (and which makes supporting his Patreon even cooler for the community). Mind you, I'm biased, as Boomer was one of the awesome people who helped develop some of the ideas behind Rhune, including two of the classes that appear in our Campaign Guide. He also makes cool diseases that could easily be adapted for a game set in Rhune! Don't believe me? Check out the Red Clockmaker's Cough. Believe me, Boomer makes very cool stuff.

Another Patreon worthy of your attention is Erik Frankhouse Presents. Erik is basically building a series of resources for GMs that combine cartography, plot points, NPCs, and other relevant items - all of which are aimed at simplifying GM/DM prep in a passionate, artful manner that gamers are very likely to resonate with. Plus, as an added bonus, Erik is running The Last Iron, a "choose your own adventure" based on his own setting, Athantia (a cool sub-genre of steampunk he calls soulpunk). You can head over to his Instagram to learn more.

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