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Catching Up!

So, we're moving into fall and it's been a bit since I've had a chance to update the blog... the byproduct of pushing hard to finish up the Kickstarter, a whole bunch of school work, getting Sheboygan NonCon planned, and getting all of our ducks in a row for 2016 releases.

I had originally planned a much more aggressive release schedule for 2015, but a host of personal tragedies (which many of you know about) put a major damper on that, reducing what was supposed to be a raging inferno of production to a smoldering, struggling flame. Still, everyone on the team stepped in to support me (a fact I am very, very grateful for) and we managed to push through some pretty difficult territory together. While I'm still engaged in some of the struggles 2015 presented, I'm feeling a lot better about them and making excellent progress. As a result, I have higher hopes for 2016 as a whole. What does that mean for you, fans of Rhune and Storm Bunny Studios?

A lot, actually. Here's a look at how we anticipate 2015 will end and what we'll be tackling in 2016:

  • For one, Pinnacle Entertainment Group granted us the license to release Rhune using the Savage Worlds rules! We worked throughout August and September to make this happen, and late last month, it was finally approved. Brad Bell (a regular Savage Worlds contributor/designer) did most of the coversions for us and now we're finalizing the first of several books planned to introduce Savage World gamers to the lands of Rhune: Dawn of Twilight! The very first release will be the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Savage Primer. The will accompany an adventure, The Mines of the Missing.

  • Speaking of Rhune, we're going to be compiling and finally releasing The Beyond the Glittering Fane adventure arc this spring, as well. This will complete our Kickstarter goals and will give fans a pretty lengthy adventure to play through. This arc will include two alternate starting adventures, The Ælven Agenda and Into the Pale Tower. These will both be followed by The Rune of Hope, and will end with Frigid Reflections.

  • This summer we're going to be releasing Mike Myler's The Zephyrfan Tournament, an adventure he wrote last year (that we sadly had to shelve for the time being). It's a longer side adventure that ties into The Beyond the Glittering Fane adventure arc, although it can easily be run as a stand alone adventure.

  • Additionally, we're going to be teaming up LPJ Design to work on their Crisis of the World Eater adventure path!

  • We're also planning on branching out in 2016 to support Occult Adventures for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. We'll be introducing players to a darker, modern mini-setting that is being penned by Clinton Boomer, Ben McFarland, Brian Suskind, and myself. Our new class, The Thaumaturge, will introduce some of the factions and other global players destined for this grittier, darker setting.

  • Finally, we're going to be penning some modern supplements, stuff designed to bridge the gap between traditional fantasy and the stuff of SciFi many of us know and love.

  • And finally - and this is arguably the most important part of this post - the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Setting will be out (in print) by the end of this year. The PDF is currently in layout and we fully expect to have it out to backers by Thanksgiving.

So, what else is new? Well, as many of you probably remember, last year we tried (and failed) to put together a "Beer & Gaming" event for our city. Not to be undone by a single defeat, all of us returned to our lairs and spent part of the summer training and leveling (I put ranks into Diplomacy). So, now, we're going to try and make Sheboygan NonCon: The Wrath of Winter a reality! It's a tall order, but we've been talking about it all summer and we have a dedicated team of locals that really love the idea of beer, gaming, and good times - so we're committed to making this a reality!

That's what I've been working on folks! I'll be writing more very soon. Take care! Cheers, ​Jaye

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