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Well, Gen Con was a success, even if The Shadowlands Conversion Guide didn’t win any of the ENnies it was nominated for. It would have been awesome, mind you, but everyone involved is still thrilled we were even nominated. It’s a hard pill, losing, but a little easier when you realize you’re up against gaming giants like Paizo Publishing, LLC and Hasbro, Inc.

The convention was, by all estimates, a success. I got the chance to connect with friends (both old and new), play some games (Fiasco!!), and talk with a lot of my fellows in the industry. I can’t say (now) where some of these conversations will lead, but if a few of them pan out, it will mean a lot more exposure for both Storm Bunny Studios, LLC and Rhune: Dawn of Twilight. It will also mean a lot more work for me, but hey, that’s cool. It’s not like I do much besides write, travel, write, game, write, and occasionally sleep.

That’s one of the reasons I took as much time off as I did this time around, too. I was in dire need of a break (I was a flurry of writing activity up until I left for the convention) and burning the proverbial candle at both ends. So, once the con was over, I just took some time off. I spent a lot of time grilling out, sorting through stuff at my house, visiting with family, shooting guns, and going out with friends. A close friend and I even drove out to The House on the Rock, which was more than cool. Of course, as the trip came to a close (nearly a month later), the reality of what lie before me started to sink in and I started to shift back into “work mode.” My trip back here to the Middle East cemented that (even as I lamented leaving America).

All in all, I think the whole trip was brilliant. I needed the time to rest and rejuvenate (in my own way), and now that I’m back, I’m ready to go! So, what’s up?

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