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World of Alessia Campaign Primer: Kickstarter Edition
System: 5e | Pages: 334
By: Zachary Bauer, Jere Manninen, Ben McFarland, Jaye Sonia, and Brian Suskind | Artists: Annadel Cinco, Julie Dillon, Domeano, Graey Erb, Septimus Ferdian, Alessio Fiorasi, Cecila Gina, Angel Huerta, Inaki, Dio Mahesa, Terry Maranda, Ekaterina M, Kaeti McNeil, Dionisis Milonas, Nikolai Ostertag, Hugh Pindar, SHY, Tai Tran, Le Minh Hoai Oai Quoc


In development since 2018, the World of Alessia Campaign Primer: Kickstarter Edition introduces 5e gamers to a futuristic campaign setting that includes a robust cast of new species, new classes, and all the space opera we could slam in the book.


Filled with ideas and concepts built around Jere Manninen's vision for a new kind of gaming world, game designer and author Jaye Sonia has lovingly crafted a tome of options for players and GMs looking for a completely different approach to playing in the future. 


Built to be compatible with the world's most popular roleplaying game, The World of Alessia Campaign Primer gives players a radically different approach to the future. If you come expecting dark dystopias or mindless monocultures, please turn around; we've built something different for gamers.

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The World of Alessia Campaign Primer: Kickstarter Edition

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