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Species of Alessia: The Dragonsworn
System: Starfinder | Pages: 14
By: Jenny Jarzabski, Jaye Sonia | Artists: Graery Erb, Angel Huerta, Forest Imel, and Dio Mahesa


A people torn between two times, the Dragonsworn of ancient Alessia have a developed and evolved culture that betrays outsiders’ stereotypes with glee. From their colorful festivals to their brilliant scales, Truescales can trace their clutches back to the very first Asaræl dragons. Their lesser brethren, who shallow individuals call Dullscales, bear no hereditary patterns of lineage, nor “any true history of scale or struggle.” Instead, these persons became Dragonsworn by completing a transformation using alchemy, magic, or science; sometimes all three. 


This short, 14-page PDF includes the following:

  • Detailed information on the dragonsworn of Alessia for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game.
  • Choose from nine different elemental dragons when designing your heritage.
  • Add the Dragon Emissary Theme to your Starfinder toolkit.
  • Three new spells for your Starfinder game.
  • Bonus lore about the World of Alessia!

Species of Alessia: The Dragonsworn

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