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Of Stave, Stone, & Heart: A Guide to the Runes for Game Masters
System: PF1 | Pages: 19
By: Jaye Sonia | Artists: Terry Maranda


“May all of those who have sung night’s secret song smile while they read this…”


Designed for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this guide is ideal for game masters who are running northern-based campaigns! Originally designed for us in the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight campaign setting, GMs from all D20 systems will find a use for it, especially if they have a love for prior editions of the worlds oldest RPG. This guide provides GMs with:

  • The Elder Futhark. Descriptions of the 24 elder runes, including skill and spell associations for both variants (lesser and greater versions).
  • The Grand Galdr. Information on The Grand Galdr and its place among the ælves, dwarves, and giants.
  • Using the Runes. A brief discussion about the runes, how to use them in a setting, and how they might impact your setting.
  • The Runes in Rhune. Advice for using the runes within Rhune: Dawn of Twilight, the setting for which they were originally designed.
  • Differet Throws for the Runes. Two alternative methods that allow any class to learn how to "read the runes," whether they normally have access to spells or not.
  • New Runestones. Seven new runestones that spellcasters can activate and use to control the field of battle!
  • The Vitkarr. A runic prestige class!
  • Evocative Runic Art. Rhune: Dawn of Twilight artist Terry Maranda gives us 24 beautiful illustrations of the Elder Futhark.

Regardless of which D20 system you're using (and even if you're not), this guide is packed with 16 pages of pure content for GMs and storytellers alike!

Of Stave, Stone, & Heart: A Guide to the Runes for Game Masters

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