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Mists of Akuma: Trade War Adventure Path
System: Shadow of the Demon Lord | Pages: 340
By: Mike Myler, Christopher Rippee, Duan Byrd, Andrew Engelbrite, Dirk van de Rijt | Artists: Dave Allsop, Nathanael Batchelor, Jacob Blackmon, Clouds 940, DrBjr, Ellis Goodson, Christof Grobelski, Chanis Hanley, Jozef Klopacka, Indi Martin, Mike Myler, Tonis Pan, Claudio Pozas, Sara Shijo, Satori Artwork Co, Shaman Stock Art, Dean Spencer, Ryan


War brews beneath the emperor's notice, nature convulses as unholy demons bring woe to entire prefectures, and hobgoblin mercenaries wearing powerful machine armor march in greater numbers than ever before.


Will you rise to save the empire or is Soburin destined for destruction?


Soburin is beset upon by dark forces from its ancient past—not only the evil mists that transform men into monsters, but now too the return of a potent necromancer set to bring about a reign of agony, despair, and death! In the looming crisis the immortals that have treated the world as their gaming set are gathering their agents and pawns, deploying unique warriors across the continent with goals as mysterious as they are. It is within this epic game of intrigue that the adventurers become entangled as they undertake quests for the governmental bengoshi in the Sukochi, Yokuba, Ikari, Hakaisuru, Fuson, and Gekido prefectures as well as visit the enigmatic Tsukisasu, city of oni. Demons begat by the entities that consumed nature plague the party during their travels as do a very special gang of smugglers, the gun-toting Mubo Brothers, and the bloody hobgoblin mercenary erikotera warriors suddenly far more populous across the countryside than ever before. By the time all is said and done the PCs take part in a furious mass battle, nail-biting race through an undead dungeon, and finally an epic fight against an ancient evil atop the Hone-Noroi bone tower before it all comes crashing down!

This extensive adventure path takes characters from 3rd to 10th level and includes all previous Mists of Akuma modules (Scourge of Róbai Shita Temple, Feud Primordial, Fangs of Revenge, Cursed Soul of the Scorpion Samurai, Yai Sovereign of Storms, and Revenge of the Pale Master) paired together with connecting material that creates one intensive campaign sure to delight GMs and players for months on end!

It would be exhausting to list everything that's inside of the 340 pages of Trade War—here are some quick highlights and if you think this book is for you, peruse the table of contents (below) and sample PDFs.

  • Over 50 maps
  • 90 different NPCs and monsters
  • 6 highly-rated adventure modules ranging from straightforward dungeon crawls to sandboxes of intrigue and back (and 2 sidequests by Andrew Engelbrite and Dirk van de Rijt)
  • Rules for mass combat
  • An epic 9-level bone dungeon inspired by Buddhist hells

Mists of Akuma is an eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting available for Fifth Edition and Shadow of the Demon Lord.

Mists of Akuma: Trade War

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