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Mists of Akuma: Imperial Matchmaker (Shadow of the Demon Lord)
SotDL | Pages: 324
An immense urban sandbox and eastern fantasy noir mega adventurefor Shadow of the Demon Lord that takes4–6 characters from 1st through 10th level!
By: Mike Myler, Savannah Broadway, Michael McCarthy, Kenneth Zike | Artists: Renan Costa Moraes, Jacob Blackmon, Nathanael Batchelor, Darren Calvert, Chanis Hanley, Indi Martin, Claudio Pozas, Sara Shijo, Naiche Washburn, Matt Bulahao, Daniel Comerci, Anthony Cournoyer, Eastern Raider Games, Peter Szabo Gabor, Bob Greyvenstein, Ri


An enmity between the Gekido, Hakaisuru, Kirai, and Namida clans has persisted for ages, the wounds from the Battle of Broken Spears torn open every few years by border skirmishes and trade disputes. Seeking to win the minds of the people by a grand gesture during these dark times, Emperor Hitoshi Masuto has arranged an alliance between the quarreling noble families—20 brides and grooms have been chosen to wed in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the decisive final battle in the rebellion against more than a century of foreign occupation. 


Whether the adventurers seek honor and glory by protecting these fiancees or choose to line their pockets by ensuring the unions never come to pass, opportunity knocks at their door as the bengoshi of several clans sift through the mercenaries and spellswords that walk the streets of Sanbaoshi. To rise above the chaff in the capital of the Imperial Prefecture the PCs must be willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals and survive among their cutthroat competition, the corrupting Mists of Akuma, and any designs of the monstrous forces keen to strike a foothold anew in Soburin.


What's to be found in Imperial Matchmaker?


  • Statistics for over 130 monsters and NPCs! No matter where the party goes or who they interact with GMs will quickly be able to provide Health, attack bonuses, and everything else they might need to populate the world, creating a dynamic and seamless environment around the adventurers.
  • Over 40 maps including an insane 2-page isometric illustration of Sanbaosh by Indi Martin! The urban sandbox where most of the mega adventure takes place has a staggering amount of cartography to make certain GMs are never hard-pressed when figures are needed.
  • 120 pages of material focused on the capital of the Imperial Prefecture! With NPCs and maps galore the detail poured into Sanbaoshi make its chapter a book unto itself, making this an outstanding addition to any GM's collection (whether running the mega adventure or not).
  • New enchanted relics including the sheathe ring and black glass dagger, as well as innovative rules for Absentee & Memorial cards!
  • The Mists of Akuma Iconics! The book's appendix includes all the ancestries and paths from the setting book that you'll need to play as the iconics with sidequests woven into Sanbaoshi (plus a new Tsukumogami ancestry).
  • New Expert Paths! Put your allies (or pet) into a frenzy with the Mad Floutist expert path, use a deadly bladed brush to turn painting into reality as a Genjitsugaka, become an agent of ancestral powers and pierce through the veil of time with the Soothsayer expert path.
  • A unique adventure unlike any you've played before! There are 10 high profile matrimonies set to take place in this gigantic module but so very much more awaiting the PCs as they walk the streets of Sanbaoshi: specialized sidequests for the Mists of Akuma iconics, unexpected trials like Nobukai Bamboo Grove, and virtually endless intrigues amongst the gangs, criminal organizations, noble clans, and other folk that make their homes in the capital of the Imperial Prefecture.


Mists of Akuma: Imperial Matchmaker (Shadow of the Demon Lord)

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