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Mists of Akuma: Honorable Wills
System: 5e | Pages: 92
A Mists of Akuma adventure for 4 to 6 characters of 8th level.
By: Andrew Engelbrite, Mike Myler | Artists: Nathanael Batchelor, Jacob Blackmon, Matt Bulahao, Camilkuo, Daniel Comerci, Rick Hershey, Isaxar, Tithi Luadthong, Indi Martin, Mike Myler, Alditiya Rakasiwi, Rexard, Shaman Stock Art, JE Shields, Sara Shijo, Dean Spencer, WarmTail, Michael McCarthy


A Mists of Akuma adventure for 4 to 6 characters of 8th level.

Andrew Engelbrite's gripping tale of intrigue and honor takes the adventurers from a chance encounter with a kindly elder matron in Hofuku Prefecture, across the sea to the polluted islands of Uragi Prefecture, and into a deathtrap of enslaved water folk under the control of madman! 

What you'll find in Honorable Wills:

  • Kittiyona and Ikkitongaku: Details for 2 of Soburin's capital cities (including full page maps)
  • 18 new monsters and NPCs ranging from the heirs Torimu to the mythical umibōzu sea monster
  • Cosmetic Augments: A new type of invasive technological enhancement and the Bioartist Monastic Tradition
  • Torimu Keep: A 20 page, 3 level, fully-mapped dungeon.
  • An epic module that will end with the PCs reaching 11th level!

Mists of Akuma: Honorable Wills

SKU: MoA_2020_HonWill_5e
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