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Mists of Akuma: Festering Crowns
System: 5e | Pages: 66
By: Andrew Engelbrite | Artists: Jacob Blackmon, Yuri Hill, Sara Shijo

The newest Mists of Akuma adventure is here! 

A coven of Mistwraith Witches has settled in a parcel of old woods near the small tanuki village of Byoki, driven by a crazed obsession to return their deceased loved ones. The crones have been driven to extreme measures and are now undertaking a dark, terrible, and powerful ritual, giving sacrificial victims rotting crowns that bring them to the brink of unimaginable terror. The adventurers are brought to this isolated settlement by an official summons but are drugged in their sleep, awakening within the forests of Byokiwith dark crowns upon their heads, surrounded by garish totems, and hounded by the ever-present lingering Mists of Akuma.

This new adventure takes 4-5 5th level heroes through 50+ pages of content that brings them all the way to 7th level!

Mists of Akuma | Festering Crowns

SKU: MoA_2020_FesteringCrowns_5e
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