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Mists of Akuma: Crisis in Kaibo
System: 5e | Pages: 39
By: Mike Myler | Artists: Jacob Blackmon, Kumanonegura, Tithi Luadthong, Indi Martin, Ryan Sumo

The newest Mists of Akuma adventure is here! 

A Mists of Akuma adventure for 4–6 PCs of 3rd–4th level. Delve into the eastern fantasy noir steampunk world of Mists of Akuma (original setting book | anniversary edition) with this module for novice adventurers! Trouble has arisen in the scientific prefecture of Uso as a strange mind-sapping fog becomes ever more pervasive, wreaking havoc upon the city of Kaibo. The industrial powerhouse is on the verge of descending into chaos and so a bengoshi (Sky Adept #23) deputizes the PCs and commands them to collect a sample of the so-called bikkuri fog, contain its spread, and return with any knowledge they can garner about the phenomenon.


It won't take long for the party to realize that something more sinister is afoot, however, and though this mission involves great peril the rewards for success are commensurate—a flying machine for each adventurer!


This adventure includes details on the city of Kaibo (and its denizens), the cursed oni crown, and the deadly demonic kanabo. Heroes and GMs will also see expert ninjas (CR 4), bolt-turrets (CR 1), the warlock Yoshihisa Jurobei (CR 5), the oni Yaba (CR 6), corrupted official Suganuma Koretomo (CR 2), expert archer Shimoda Koretomo (CR 4), and the rebel Uso-flyer Ubukata Eijiro (CR 4) alongside the usual smattering of adeddo-oni (hunchling CR 2, ninja CR 3). The Hunter warlock patron and conjured shadow beast.


Four maps including Kaibo, its iron mines, Tobo-Sha Valley, and the Koretomo Estate.

Mists of Akuma: Crisis in Kaibo

SKU: MoA_CrisisInKaibo_5e_2020
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