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Mists of Akuma: A Village Corrupted
System: 5e | Pages: 50
A Free Quickstart Adventure for 4–6 PCs of 3rd level.
By: Mike Myler | Artists: Jacob Blackmon, Vuk Kostic, Indi Martin, Michael McCarthy, Renan Costa Moraes, Mike Myler, Claudio Pozas, Sara Shijo, Ryan Sumo


Delve into the eastern fantasy noir steampunk world of Mists of Akuma (original | anniversary edition) with this short adventure! The supernatural fog suddenly has the PCs nearly surrounded, forcing them to higher ground and into the intrigues of a small isolated village under the rule of a sadistic nobleman despot. Amidst a festival of bloodsports the adventurers discover a foul plot to corrupt everyone in Hason-Shita, but can they save the settlement from destruction?


What’s inside A Village Corrupted:

  • A quick adventure playable in 3-4 hours.
  • The Mists of Akuma, hated and misted conditions, and new misted effects.
  • The Dignity and Haitoku thematic ability scores.
  • Creatures! A horse-riding nobleman, the adeddo-oni template, and six adeddo-oni (hunchling, ninja, samurai, mage, adeddo-villager, and Adeddo-Saionji).
  • Maps! The village of Hason-Shita, the Farmhouse, and the continent of Soburin.
  • Mists of Akuma character sheets for creating original PCs (using the free Soburin Primer PDF).
  • The Mists of Akuma Iconics: 8 pregenerated 3rd level characters illustrated by Claudio Pozas! Both colorfully illustrated and rendered in simple printer-friendly black and white.

Mists of Akuma: A Village Corrupted (A Free Quickstart Adventure)

SKU: MoA_2020_VilCor_Free
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