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Bloodlines & Black Magic
System: Pathfinder (first edition) | Pages: 259
By: Matt Banach, Clinton Boomer, Stephen M. DiPesa, Erik Frankhouse, Tim Hitchcock, Ben McFarland, Justin Sluder, Jaye Sonia, and Brian Suskind | Artists: Henriette Boldt, Blackie Carbon, Juan Diego Dianderas, Jeremy Hart, Herma Dolph, Erik Frankhouse, David Guyll, JeShields, Tommy Kelly, Bree Orlock @Stardust Publication, Dio Mahesa, Kæti McNeil, Miguel Santos, Shaman’s Stockart, Salvador Altamirano, Todd Westcot, C.E. Zacherl Illustrations.


The scope of human knowledge and endeavor is woefully limited, compared to the incalculable vastness of the cosmos as it truly is. Worlds – metaphysically speaking – lay atop, beneath, beside, and even within the warp and weave of the one that people take for granted as the truest, and perhaps only face of reality. These many worlds abut and overlap one another, and, for the most part, those within any given plane of existence only perceive and interact with their own immediate environment. The average spirit in the infernal realm knows as little about what’s taking place in an average apartment as the people living in that apartment know about that’s spirit’s goings-on.


The difference, of course, is that those existing firmly beyond the borders of the mundane are generally aware of the reality of the other worlds, and capable of interacting with the denizens of those places – though whether they can do so safely is another matter, entirely. The day-to-day world is a dangerous enough place, in many cases, and these realms beyond are even more so. It’s rare for entities originating in other planes of existence to visit the mundane world for what most humans would consider being benevolent purposes.


In truth, there are seven “worlds” that exist within reality, at least as we know it. These worlds are the mundane, the secret worlds, the invisible world, the ethereal plane, the astral plane, the celestial plane, and the infernal plane.


Bloodlines & Black Magic is a game that explores that reality

Bloodlines & Black Magic

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