Coming January 25th, 2020: The Houses of Halifax Live Twitch Stream!

Hosted by Rhythmic High!

Want to learn more about Bloodlines & Black Magic, the dark world in which it is set, and how the game plays without making your way to a con in the American Midwest? This year, Storm Bunny Studios has teamed up with Rhythmic High to bring a special, introductory mini-campaign to viewers and fans alike. 

What is the Houses of Halifax? 


Houses of Halifax was written as a complimentary, introductory mini-series; it is designed to introduce players to the dark, modern world of Bloodlines & Black Magic. Played at home, this series should take 20-25 hours of play. It brings 1st level characters to 2nd level over the course of play.

Will there be PDFs of this material?

Yes. We have small, supplemental PDFs planned for each session of the mini-campaign. We will also host those PDFs here on-site, too, for folks playing at home who missed the stream. Viewers who download these PDFs at the beginning of each stream will find complimentary clues and notes - for viewers who want to try and help the players during the stream.

Will this go to print? Can I buy the adventure when you're done running it?

Storm Bunny Studios will be making two copies available - one will be a free PDF download that accompanies the rules for the new game. The other will be a print-on-demand option through We will post links when those become available to the public (Spring 2020).

Who will be playing?

This mini-campaign features the following players and GM:

  • Zachary B. (player) - Zachary has supported Storm Bunny Studios for several years, working in our Design Camp and supporting the Storm Bunny Studios Patreon. Last year, he started actively proofing our Bloodlines & Black Magic PDFs. We're happy to have him as part of this mini-campaign!

  • Tim Hitchcock (player/designer) - Tim Hitchcock is a longtime game designer who has worked on D&D 3.5, D&D 4e, The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Pathfinder 2, Bloodlines & Black Magic, and many more games. We're excited to have him.

  • Chris L. (player/host) - Chris, who is also known as Rhythmic High, will be playing in this campaign, as well as hosting it. If you're a regular on Twitch and looking to show the love, consider subscribing to his channel.

  • Jessica Redekop (player/designer) - Jessica is one of two amazing Canadians joining us on our journey! A game designer, artist, and all-around, awesome human being, Jessica has joined us before as a playtester for Bloodlines & Black Magic. We're happy she's returned.

  • Sgt. Turtle (player/streamer) - Turtle is our second of two amazing Canadians joining us! Turtle played in a previous game and when we announced this, he immediately signed up. You can find his Twitter here.

  • Jaye Sonia (GM/designer) - Jaye Sonia wrote Bloodlines & Black Magic alongside authors Matt Banach, Clinton Boomer, Stephen M. DiPesa, Tim Hitchcock, Ben McFarland, Justin Sluder, & Brian Suskind. The book is also available on

Will the campaign be available after it streams on Twitch?

Our plans are to make that content available to the general public later this year. 

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