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Push 2020

Want to help Storm Bunny Studios keep creating through the pandemic? Want an early, "behind the scenes" look at some of the material I create while writing various setting books? 

Check out my Patreon and help me continue to create!

Coming April 30th.

This April, Storm Bunny Studios will be proudly launching a Kickstarter to support the Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game. While we've completely rebuilt Bloodlines & Black Magic - simplifying the game in some areas while vastly expanding it in others - we've done so with compatibility in mind. So, while we'll releasing our newest game under a modified license, we'll be doing so as a complete game.

The moment you pick up this newest edition of Bloodlines & Black Magic, you'll have everything you need to play.

This Summer...

This summer, Storm Bunny Studios is going to be expanding our online resources, to include making additional resources available here onsite for GMs and players alike, no matter what game you're playing.

Initially, we'll be focusing our efforts on Bloodlines & Black Magic and The World of Alessia - both of which we'll be releasing this year.

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