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Copyright Storm Bunny Studios 2020

Happening Now!

Event: The Storm Bunny Studios Patreon Drive! (February 5th-29th)

This month, I'm asking friends, family, and fans to help Storm Bunny Studios - my little game company - expand its digital and financial footprint over the next three months! My goal is simple - I'd like 100 people to back me, both to check out what I make and to help encourage others to support me in my quest to create better gaming content. 

Supporting my Patreon isn't an expensive proposition, either. Most supporters pay less for three months' content than they would at a single trip to Starcups (or whatever chain you frequent). So, hey, maybe share the love?

Hey, Happy Birthday! I want to support Storm Bunny Studios, what's the difference between a subscription and a single pledge?

While both support creators financially, subscriptions are often less demanding on supporters, while also giving the creators longer-term support that also helps expand their communities. You can learn more about it here.

A single pledge, on the other hand, is fire and forget - if you're less interested in my content and just want to show some support, this is the best way to say thanks (or just "Happy Birthday, here's your sign." ;)

Personally, I'm hoping a bunch of you sign on to show support, as three months can easily change how my community continues to grow! Plus, you get a super early look at my content from a number of fronts!

Coming Up!

Upcoming Event:

Gary Con

(March 26th-29th)

Storm Bunny Studios will be attending Gary Con this year but will not be hosting any games. Instead, we'll be meeting with gamers and running several private games for attendees and friends. 

You can learn more about Gary Con here.

Upcoming Event: Sheboygan NonCon V (June 2020)

Storm Bunny Studios, Nat 20 Studios, The 8th Street Ale Haus, and Limelight will all be teaming up to bring you another great Sheboygan NonCon this June. If you're thinking about attending, you'll want to keep the following dates in mind:

Sheboygan NonCon is June 12th - 14th.

 -- Submissions open March 1st, 2020.

 -- Ticket sales open on May 15th and run until  we've sold out.

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