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Copyright Storm Bunny Studios 2019

Welcome to Storm Bunny Studios, one of Wisconsin's premiere small-publishing and tabletop roleplaying games design studios. Established in 2012, Storm Bunny Studios has grown from a company offering a single campaign setting to offering its fans several.

Storm Bunny Studio focuses on building immersive, genre-defining worlds that challenge our assumptions; from the weird, rune-infused lands of Rhune: Dawn of Twilight to the massive, colorful World of Alessia, each world we build pivots away from the normal, opting instead to explore stranger shores still.  

Storm Bunny Studios builds the following worlds:

  • Bloodlines & Black Magic - This modern, occult-themed roleplaying game invites characters to play heroes in a dark, supernatural world filled with monsters, spirits, and madmen. Originally designed to be compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the current version of the game is evolving.

  • Design Camp - Game designers Ben McFarland, Jaye Sonia, and Brian Suskind teach aspiring designers how to hone their craft. A series of exciting challenges teaches participants how to level up their game design skills.

  • Mists of Akuma Almost two centuries ago the lightning-powered ships of Ceramia pierced the skies of Soburin heralding an age of oppression that still marks the lands with the resources stripped from the countryside. Designed for 5e by Mike Myler, this campaign setting gives GMs and players plenty of new material for their games.

  • Rhune: Dawn of Twilight - Storm Bunny Studio's first campaign setting, Rhune is a world of vicious Vikings, lightning rifles, planar travel, and clockwork gates. Designed for PF1, this setting is slowly being converted to 5e.

  • The World of Alessia - Storm Bunny Studio's latest campaign setting, the World of Alessia is a bright world filled with intelligent Yokäi, sentient constructs, and alien refugees. Designed for 5e and Starfinder.