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The Secret and Invisible Worlds

Bloodlines & Black Magic does not use these terms interchangeably; they are distinct concepts and places in the campaign setting. These two places lie in proximity to the Mundane World (which fantasy gamers sometimes call the prime material plane) and, in their ways, each offer escape from it, although it two drastically different ways.


The Secret World shares the same physical structure as the Mundane because it dwells within it; it is a modern walled garden, a place that is collectively barred to the general public and is only experienced through Hollywood’s carefully polished lens. A land of politicians, media giants, sports icons, and generations of landed American aristocrats, even those lucky enough to win big never truly gain access to the Secret World. This general inaccessibility makes the Secret World the perfect place for its second function – it hides the many gates that link the Mundane World to the Invisible World.


The Invisible World is the truth; it is all of humanity’s noble efforts, good intentions, failed aspirations, decaying dreams, and naked, mind-numbing horrors. It is the kingdom of shadows that hides the Goëtic Spirits, the Archons, and the warring factions who have divided the globe in their efforts to serve the two.


When a character ‘Pierces the Veil,’ they see directly into the Invisible World.


Player characters must use this ability carefully, however. Sometimes the things they see can damage them, and some things, once seen, cannot be unseen. Worse, the more a character interacts with the Invisible World, the more they attune to it. Characters who attune to the Invisible can, over time, step completely from the Mundane – these characters come to dwell in the City at the Heart of the Invisible itself.

Using Pierce the Veil

In Bloodlines & Black Magic, a character who gains the ability Pierce the Veil learns to look beyond the Mundane, piercing into the Invisible World and seeing the world as it truly is.


Characters who learn to Pierce the Veil gain a significant advantage over the general public but must be weary – Piercing the Veil can have far-reaching consequences.


Some things, once seen, cannot be unseen.

As characters interact with the supernatural, they gain oddities. Oddities are glitches that take place in the natural world in response to your aura, and to some extent, the supernatural energies that you mix with while in the Invisible World.


Characters who spend extensive time interacting with the Invisible World gain these oddities over time, transforming their auras to match not only their oaths and allegiances but also their acts and intentions - painting the world in a kaleidoscope of selfish color.