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Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide
System: Pathfinder (first edition) | Pages: 354
By: Clinton Boomer, Will Cooper, Adam Daigle, Stephen Michael DiPesa, Joshua Kitchens, Ben McFarland, Mike Myler, and Jaye Sonia. | Artists: Jeff Brown, Ekaterina Burmak, Nicole Cardiff, Claudia Casini, Darren Calvert, Julie Dillon, Gary Dupuis, Ambrose H. Hoilman, Terry Maranda, Malcom McClinton, Rick Hershey, Jonathan Roberts, Hugo Solis, and Peter Temesi.
Stock Art: Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games


In the snowy, icy fields of the North, entire tribes of barbarians – disease-bound servants of the Thrall Lords – amass, mustering for Ragnarök. Their ears tuned to whispers sane men cannot hear, these horrid foes wait only for the guttural command of their masters. Further south, the dead gather among the ruins of pulverized cities, growing stronger in shadows of the Ghoul Stone, the necromantic bridge between Midgard and Neinferth. All the while, the good people of the South stand divided against their aggressors – the City-States of Vallinar embracing technology as a means to win Ragnarök, while the ælves and their allies battle to eradicate every trace of it. All the while, the daily tick of the Ragnarök Clock marks the passing of another season, bringing every branch of Yggdrasil closer to Ragnarök – the final battle.


The long-awaited Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide contains:

A detailed look at the world of Rhune, from the lands of the Middle Court to the various realms beyond, including information on:


  • Briglæss, the Glimmering Lands
  • Grimhæm, Realm of the Fel & Fallen
  • Nachtland, the Shadow Realm
  • Neinferth, the Yawning Gap
  • Niflæheim, the Realm of All-Winter
  • Sommerfæth, the Forest Unburning
  • Thodheim, Realm of the Dishonored Dead
  • Tieferhæm, the Underhall of Velash


Important information on the technology of Rhune, including details on ambient power fields, dragon towers, as well as how storm tech impacts the various people – both on Midgard and on other branches of the Great Tree.


This campaign guide also includes a  bestiary filled with new monsters for your heroes to fight, as well as well as all the new spells, incantations, gear, guns, alchemical recipes, and other options your heroes will need to fight them!

The Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide

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