Did you miss our Kickstarter for the newest edition of Bloodlines & Black Magic?  Do you want an early look at the project? Would you like special access to playtest threads that reveal our secret, evil plans to fill your gaming space with modern horrors, cyrptids, urban legends, and alien horrors from strange places beyond the black? Do you want an early look at our future plans for the game? Or, do you want to continue to support our quest? 

This is the way to do it.


  • A PDF copy of the Pathfinder Compatible version of Bloodlines & Black Magic (originally released in 2016). 
  • An at-cost print-on-demand voucher for the original hardcover for the Pathfinder Compatible version of Bloodlines & Black Magic (originally released in 2016). You pay S&H when this ships.
  • A PDF and B&W hardcover copy of our newest edition of the Bloodlines & Black Magic Roleplaying Game.


All digital products (without release dates in the future) deliver immediately. See below.


Bloodlines & Black Magic | Project Access

  • Please note that this order includes a product that does not release to the public until May 1st, 2021. When you purchase this product through us, we add you to our planned printing and release list for this product, shipping it alongside our U.S. Kickstarter backers. 

    You will not receive additional backer updates or any of the Kickstarter perks provided to backers. You will receive notice by email when this product ships.

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