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Developing Our Brands!

Hey folks!

So, it's been a very, very busy month (mostly due to con season), but now that the weather here in the States is cooling off and folks are stirring the coals in their fires, I'm finding a little more time to write. For the most part, most of that writing is dedicated on three fronts, and that's what I'm going to discuss below!

Rhune: Dawn of Twilight

If you're following my website and reading this blog, there's probably a very good chance you're a fan of my campaign setting Rhune: Dawn of Twilight (and if you're not, consider this my official invitation). If you are, and you haven't seen our latest release, you absolutely want to head over to DriveThruRPG, the Open Gaming Store, or Paizo to pick up a copy of our latest adventure, The Rune of Hope. This adventure is a massive PDF, containing 80+ pages of awesome that follows either Into the Pale Tower or The Ælven Agenda, both of which are part one to our adventure arc, Beyond the Glittering Fane. Of course, if you're following Rhune, you probably know all of this and are thinking, "Well, yeah Jaye, but what's next?"

Right now, I'm beginning the layout for Frigid Reflections, the last part of the Beyond the Glittering Fane adventure arc, with a planned release date of this spring. I'm also laying out several smaller PDFs, some of which expand on currently published material (like the Gjallarhorn class) and even some of our locations (like Northgard). These PDFs will be smaller (generally under 13 pages) and will showcase particular elements of Rhune, possibly with some 5e conversion notes (where and when possible). I'm not making any promises when it comes to 5e conversions (that's another big project), but it is on the horizon.

Dio Mahesa illustrates the dangerous Frigus Zombie

Dio Mahesa illustrates the dangerous Frigus Zombie

Design Camp: The Celestial Host

If you were unaware, Ben McFarland, Brian Suskind, and I are currently running Design Camp, a training camp of sorts for those interested in getting into RPGs (which we funded through Kickstarter in September). Right now, we're currently writing the manuscript for The Celestial Host, a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible, setting neutral PDF inspired by the old Deities & Demigods books, which details three real world pantheons. This volume will include detailed information on the Arthurian legends (including mythical level versions of heroes like King Arthur, Merlin, and Lancelot), the The Tuatha Dé Danann (the Irish-Celtic gods of ancient Ireland), and the Norse Gods (let's show Odin and Thor some love)! While this project won't complete until early 2017, things are steaming ahead nicely and we're working with an excellent (and rather talented) group of patrons. It's been a real pleasure and I honestly look forward to future projects!

Bloodlines & Black Magic

My other major project right now, Bloodlines & Black Magic is a new campaign setting that Clinton Boomer and I have been designing, alongside a handful of awesome designers, including Michael Azzolino, Matt Banach, Stephen M. DiPesa, Ben McFarland, and Brian Suskind. Bloodlines & Black Magic is a modern, supernatural horror setting that uses the Occult 7 rules, a slight modification to the standard Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that caps levels at seven and focuses on expanding character development through feats, traits, and story-based mechanics.

It's turning out to be a very fun project, one that has arguably demanded more of my attention than I initially thought it would, mostly because we're collectively finding a lot of material that continually adds to the setting's depth, creating layers of immersion that are easy to engage - both as designers and as gamers. Mind you, I'm biased and absolutely love both Occult Adventures and Horror Adventures, which this setting draws heavily on. So, if you're the sort of gamer who yearns for modern supernatural horror, loves Pathfinder, and isn't afraid to explore the forbidden dark, well, this is going to be right up your alley. When we launch the Kickstarter in February, we're going to be offering gamers three mini adventures, a NPC codex, and the main book, which will be an estimated 128 pages. It's going to be a fun project!

And if you're on Facebook, make sure to check out our group for Black Magic Mondays!

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