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Pre-Orders are NOW LIVE!

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm happy to report things in the office are running exceptionally smooth, which means a lot of coolness is currently happening. Of course, given the momentum involved in said coolness, I'm going to keep this post somewhat short.

First things first! For those of you interested, I just uploaded The Ælven Agenda to several of my regular online distributors (DriveThruRPG, The Open Gaming Store, and Paizo), which means it should become available for purchase as it is approved on each of those sites (it's already live at DriveThru)! So, if you're ready for roll up your sleeves and hunt some humans, this is an adventure you do not want to miss!

The Ælven Agenda

Additionally, I've also uploaded the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide, although because it is not yet public, I won't be including the links (from those sites) just yet. Once it goes live (and this is important information for gamers who backed the Kickstarter), I will post the link (and send out download links to all the backers, as well)!

Pre-Orders are NOW OPEN!

So, folks who missed the Kickstarter can now pre-order a print copy of the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide here. So, if you want an extra copy, know someone who missed the Kickstarter (but who still wants a book), or just want to show us some love, please consider buying a copy of the book directly from us! All of the ordering information is available on the link above.

And that, awesome gamers, is it! I'll be updating with more cool info next week. Cheers, Jaye

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