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Operation Overdrive

Hey all, Going to keep this short and sweet. This past weekend I shot out to Madison, Wisconsin for my very first Game Hole Con and it was a lot of fun. Although I didn't get in as much gaming as most of the con goers, I did get to play in two games I really enjoyed! First, I got to play a 10th level lawful evil "blackblooded" orc cleric of Ba'al - with a whole table of my servants (the other players at the table) at my beck and call! I'd love to say I was a "nice guy," but as a lawful evil cleric, well, I'd be stretching the truth a little on that one. I did, however, get to ensure all of the gnolls in and around my favorite tavern remembered my name.... (and for those of you interested in more details, check out TPK Games (Brian Berg, TPK's ceo, was our GM). I also got to play some of Monte Cook's new Cypher System, which I picked up at Gen Con this past year. While I don't have a license to officially design for it, I'm very fond of it. The whole system is smooth, easy to learn, and loads of fun. He and his team did a great job designing it. Oh, and two-time Iron GM Erik Frankhouse (our GM for that game) did a great job running us through it! Of course, my big "take away" from Game Hole Con was the need to really expand SBS and in a lot of ways, this con - even though my decision to go was unplanned and absolutely last minute - really stoked my creative fires. My whole drive back (a whopping two hours) was filled with design and adventure ideas, an unfolding list of "to do's," and a reflective look at my personal priorities! Needless to say, my desires to launch Storm Bunny Studios even further out into the gaming-sphere were not quenched!

And with that, it's back to writing for me folks! Time to put my nose back to the grinder!

(How I feel trying to get all this work done!)

Cheers, Jaye

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