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The Post Gen Con Push!

Hey Guys,

Well, I’m back from Gen Con and although I wasn’t able to meet with any my backers, I did get a chance to run some Rhune®: Dawn of Twilight. I want to thank Adam Daigle, Jason Ventura, David Headquist, Jenny Jarzabski, Mat Morton, and the rest of the players who dared the depths of the drowned city (and managed, sans healer, to keep winning)! It was a great game with awesome people.

Of course, Gen Con is all about gaming and I made a point to go out and do some myself! While I only had time for one PFS game, it was a pretty good time. I also managed to pick up some cool loot from the dealer’s hall, which was filled with even more booths this year. I managed to grab some new minis, some new Norse-styled terrain, and a few books, including Monte Cook’s new Cypher System Rulebook (which looks cool, by the way).

I spent a great deal of time at the con networking, talking to other designers, and showing off the proof of concept copy of the Rhune®: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide, which was very well received. I also got to speak to quite a few people about my vision for Rhune®, where I want to take it, and how it might fit into other gaming systems (like the Cypher System or Savage Worlds). And of course, there was a lot of talk about the setting, its future, and when the main book is coming out… with more than a few folks telling me they wanted a copy when it was released. I had to smile.

Those are questions that all of you, no doubt, also have, so I’m going to get right to that!

As I mentioned in last update, we’ve been making awesome progress and I’m so close to finishing the last bit of writing I can taste it. I’ve already started handing stuff over for layout, and while that’s worked on, I’m going to see if we can’t get a few of our side products out and into publication while we work on the rest of the book. Our adventures are mostly done, but I’m going to be focusing on getting the Rhune®: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide out first, likely putting out the adventures as PDFs for folks to play through while we wait on print copies. I’m also going to be placing the new maps online as downloads for everyone this week, so you’re about to start seeing the best parts of everything we’ve been working towards. I still have a little more art out (stuff that I ordered to cover stuff I thought was too cool not to have art), so that should be done in the next few days.

So, things are moving along nicely.



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