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A Tale of Two Boomers....

I'm going to change the pace of the Stormbunny Blog (I should really rename it that) a bit today and share something I've been meaning to do for months now. Before I share that, however, I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to the likes of Mr. Clinton Boomer, game designer, writer, and pretty-merry prankster (although far more sober than that lot). If you're not familiar with Boomer, take a moment to go over and check out his Tumblr (he designs some pretty awesome stuff there).

So what's this "new thing" I've been meaning to do? It's not much, really... a simple incantation of sorts, the sort of thing that you'd expect from weirdos.... "Hey, is that a Mi Go or are you just happy to see me?" Cultists....

"We gather in the name of the Old Ones, on this hallowed night, to invoke the darkest of rites..."

Game designers..... "Ummm... shouldn't this guy have a full BAB and poor saves? And seriously, what gives? Are you really going to give that class a racial bonus to fluff outsiders? Geesh..." and merry pranksters.....


I wanted to do something special because Boomer always gives so much to the community. Most of the time its weird, crazy, awesome stuff that inspires us to do weird, crazy, awesome stuff. Other times, it's just the fun of it all. He makes fun things fun and engenders a sense of play wherever he goes. And since he's been so incredibly busy as of late with his new parental duties, I wanted to share something of my own that follows in the same vein.

This incantation is based off the work of the very amazing Ben McFarland (also another awesome game designer). Call of the First Father (Incantation)

"I have spawned, and in my spawning, have brought forth another whose blood is of my own. Now, as shall go forth, our whole line, and change the face of this world...."

School transmutation; Effective Level 9th

Skill Check Knowledge (nature) DC 20, 1 success; Knowledge (anatonmy) DC 15, 1 success, masterwork tools permitted (and encouraged).

Casting Time 1 hour (see text).

Components F, M, S, V (must speak nicely)

Focus—13 red candles, consecrated and blessed with oils and incenses worth at least 50 dollars.

Material Components—the True Love of the primary performer and secondary performer.

Secondary Casters— One secondary performer assists the primary performer.

Range Very personal.

Duration 9 months; see text.

Saving Throw Fortitude DC 15 (see text) SR No


Thousands of variations of this incantation exist (many of them are listed in the Kama Sutra), and each one requires Knowledge (nature) and Knowledge (anatomy). During the incantation, the primary performer channels True Love into the chamber, infusing it into all 13 of the candles, which he or she lights. If optional incents or wins are used, the True Love is also challened and focused into these items, as well. Once the chamber is prepared, the primary and secondary performer join hands and conduct the rite. If the rite is successful and both performers make their saving throws, the seed of the primary performer is hidden in an extradimensional space, where it grows and matures for nine months. Then, at a special time determined by the very celestial beings that turn the great wheel of time, the grace of the father is delivered unto the world, admidst a sea of giggles, smiles, joy, and happiness.

Backlash. If either performer fails their saving throw, both performers must perform the incantation again (oh darn) on a new night, early the next morning, or slightly after noon.


Failing three skill checks during the incantation causes it to fail completely. New candles, wine, dinner, incense, and other items must be purchased to attempt the incantation again.

Sure, it's a little wonky, but we're talking to about the guy who's given us the Malkavian Madness Network, The Hole Behind Midnight (which you can and should buy here), and the awesomeness that is E6. So, a whole bunch of good turns deserve at least one in return, eh? And for those of you following the stuff we're doing for Rhune, Boomer has had his hand in a few things, including three of the Thrall-bound classes, the Blood Skald, the Juggernaut, and the Plague Bringer, the Dreyrugr (Curse Stones), as well as the rules for the environmental effects the Curse Stones have on both flora and fauna.

Lastly (if you made is this far), I'm very happy to announce we're making excellent forward movement on the KS again. So, if you're following it from here (and not one of the backers getting regular updates), stay tuned. I'll be posting more here in the coming weeks and months. Cheers, Jaye

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