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It's Spring! Woot!

Hey all, Well, it's been a month or so since my last post and let me tell you, I've been pretty going full throttle since then. So, what's new? Let me jump right into it!

  • As of this month, my trademark for Rhune® was approved and published by the USPTO, which means we're going to be incorporating that fancy new registered symbol on upcoming art. There's going to be a slight delay in getting everything updated in the existing catalog, but you should see everything updated by summer.

  • We're still hard at work on the Rhune®: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide and I hope to have everything handed in by the end of May. I was truly hoping to have everything done by this month, but personal lives being what they are, we've hit some speedbumps. That said, none of this should hold us back from hitting out October release date, so backers need not worry!

  • Did I mention it's spring? While it isn't exactly beach weather, I'm pretty jazzed that we're through the bulk of our cold spells, with temps in cold, cold Wisconsin finally starting to hit the 50s and 60s. That's good, too, because I am very frequently my most productive in the spring! So, expect to see a lot more posts from me very soon!

  • Next weekend, my buddy Roman and I headed down to Lake Geneva for Gary Con! I'm looking forward to playing some 2e, some 1e, some Numenera, and whatever else comes my way. I haven't registered for any Pathfinder this year, but that's largely because I'm getting back into the "old school" stuff for a little while.

  • For those of you who will be attending Nexus Game Fair, keep an eye out for my listing. I'm going to be running a massive Dwarven Forge dungeon set in Rhune®: Dawn of Twilight. The dungeon will be an introduction to Drowned Karthæn, the dungeon featured in our upcoming adventure, The Rune of Hope. Once I have the full listing, I'll be posting it here.

  • This month, we're going to be releasing The Ice Ælves of Niflæheim - Children of the Long Winter, a supplement by Mike Myler and myself. Mike wrote a lot about the ice ælves and their home Niflæheim, adding a lot of his special flair to a people already in dire straights. If you're a fan of elves, ælves, ice, or wintery magic, this is a product you should keep your eyes open for!

  • Next month, we're planning on releasing a new class called the Thaumaturge. The Thaumaturge is the warlock reimagined for Pathfinder, but with some interesting twists - including ancient orders, a new take on hexes, as well as order specific abilities that will make this blaster a much more interesting replacement for classic spellcasters! Written by N.Jolly (with additional designs by both Brian Suskind and myself), this is going to another awesome product to look forward to!

  • Adventures! We're hard at work on both The Rune of Hope and Ælven Agenda, with most of our maps and art on their way in. I expect to have all of my art resources in and ready by before the end of April, meaning that we should be able to go into layout by mid-May on several adventures. So, if you've been waiting to play some more Rhune® adventures, don't worry - you won't have to wait long.

Well all, that's about it for now! I'm going to get back to work (and by work, I mean filling this dungeon with monsters and traps)! Be well! Cheers, Jaye

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