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The Mid-October Update

Hey guys,

First, I want to thank everyone - again - for all of their support. Since the Kickstarter funding came to a close, we've delivered a bunch of PDFs to backers, including Into the Pale Tower, the first of three adventures in the The Glittering Fane adventure arc. We've also handed over two PDFS to play testers, giving some of our higher level backers a look at the outline of the new, expanded Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide, as well as some of the new classes therein. While we've been doing that, we've also been writing - a lot. Oh, and when we haven't been writing, we've been pulling in some excellent art from artists like Ekaterina Maximovich, Hugo Solis, Terry Maranda, and Jeff Brown. In fact, here's one of the roughs from Terry, who's working on some of the internal illustations for the new R:DoT Campaign Guide.


Personally, I'm stoked about this project and I'm happy to see it clipping along at the pace its moving. Of course, you're all probably curious what the status of things are. Well, as I told the backers over on Kickstarter, we're doing pretty well. For one, Mike Myler has handed over his adventure, Frigid Reflections (part three of the Beyond the Glittering Fane adventure arc) for revision and his other adventure, The Zephryfan Tournament, in in edit.

Additionally, there's been some great development meetings going on; this past week I talked monsters with Adam Daigle and ælves with Brian Suskind and Christopher Clark.

Finally, we're wrapping up a big revision on the races of Midgard, including new material for all of the races. By the end of the year, we'll have included extensive data on the various peoples that live in the realms beyond Yggdrasil. Of course, as all of this happens, I'll be posting more updates, giving more folks sneak previews, and putting more PDFs together - for backers, as well as for supporters of Rhune: Dawn of Twilight!

And with that, it's back to the trenches for this wordsmith....



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