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What a ride....

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've updated, but that's because I've been very, very busy. Still, I'm going to try and catch everyone up (condensing six weeks of travel, work, writing, and gaming into a fancy, bulleted list).

  • As most of you know, we successfully funded our Kickstarter at the end of July, raising over 381% of our goal. Because we were so close to our final stretch goals, a few backers rallied behind us, added some more funds, and pushed us past the $20k goal - immediately transforming the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Stormpunk Character Primer into the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide.

  • Since funding, we've put out several art orders, adding some new, snazy environmental art to the book. We've also penciled in (pun intended) the amazing Ekaterina for some new, color character art, as well. Don't worry, though - we're keeping our normal team of awesome artists on this project!

  • In August, I traveled to Indianapolis for Gen Con 2014. I met with several backers (and ran some games for them), as well as with a host of potential new writers and artists. I also met with some folks about 'savaging' Rhune (converting it to the Savage Worlds mechanics), which we're following up on later this year. My favorite part, however, was meeting with the other designers and brainstorming on the new classes for the setting! Which, as you might imagine, means we've been writing a lot - every single day.

  • Speaking of new classes - we're almost done with the first batch of new classes, meaning a bunch of the Kickstarter backers are going to start seeing play test documents around mid-September. We're hoping to add all of the new races to that play test document by mid-October.

  • We've also spoken with some printers about the new maps, and once those are done, we're going to be sending those off. So, while the book isn't ready to go just yet, we plan on having the maps ready to ship when that's ready.

  • As for the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Campaign Guide, I'm happy to announce that we've already put a lot of words down - something in excess of 50k words already. I still have several writers in work, too - which means I expect those numbers to triple before the end of the year. Right now, I anticipate having the bulk of our writing done by late February, 2015 (hopefully for my birthday). While we've scheduled more time for the Campaign Guide, we want to get this out and into your hands as soon as possible, so it is very much our priority! So, yeah, we've all been writing a lot since the KS funded!

That, folks, has been my last six weeks. While I don't suspect anything is going to slow down this fall, I fully expect to be sharing a lot more with all of you! So, keep checking back, keep playing Rhune, and be good to one another!



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