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June Update

Hey guys! First, I hope each of you are enjoying your summer and that you’re getting plenty of gaming in! And if it’s hot where you are, well, I hope you’re staying nice and cool. So what’s new with over here at Storm Bunny Studios? Well, I’ve been swamped. Last week, we finished (and I mean 100%, wrapped and packed) Into the Pale Tower – which has been an amazing experience. We haven’t released it to the public yet, however, because we’re going to release it to Kickstarter backers first. Yup, as soon as our upcoming KS funds, backers (depending on their backer level) are going to get an immediate copy of our very first adventure. And that’s a sweet 60+ pages of blood-soaked barbarians, winter madness, and full-on Stormpunk!

I’m also working on several smaller projects (for our Storm Bunny Presents line) that should go out this month. The first, Storm Bunny Presents: The Reaper is in edit right now.

I’m also working with Will Cooper and Joshua Kitchens on The Rune of Hope, our follow-up adventure to Into the Pale Tower. I won’t give you the full word count just yet, but the whole adventure is outlined and we’re currently in fully engaged in its development. I suspect we should have page previews for folks mid-July.

And speaking of development, I’m currently talking to some amazing artists who might be bringing some color to Rhune: Dawn of Twilight. For the last few years, we’ve been producing stuff in a beautiful sepia style that has become sort of iconic for Rhune. But, if we do well enough on this Kickstarter, we’re going to try and print everything in color. I’m excited at the prospect and honestly hope we reach those stretch goals. And speaking of stretch goals, we’ve also got some great names lined up as potential stretch goals, as well. We’re still in discussions with a few folks, but I’ve got several firm commitments from a few well-known names in the Pathfinder RPG community. To say that makes me smile would be an understatement.

So, what else? We’ve been working with Mike Myler (of lately and he’s already turned over his adventure, The Zephyrfan Tournament for revision and play test. He also turned in his addition to our next Stormpunk Character Primer, which with backers help, we’re going to be able to bring into being.

In short, things are moving along at a steady, productive pace. I won’t bore you with the information on printers, shipping, book bundles, or any of the logistics that come with planning a Kickstarter, but I will say this – it’s going to be one hell of a ride next month!


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