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May Update

Well, it’s been a little over a month since I’ve gotten a chance to update the site, but I’ve finally gotten around to it. So, what’s new?

First, the remodeling I started on late in February took a lot – and I mean a lot – longer than I anticipated (and isn’t that the norm, really), forcing me to push back a lot of development nearly a month. And, once I was finally done with that, I only had a week or so before my long-planned return to Dublin, Ireland. So, before I knew it, February had turned into April and May was running me down like a drunk in a SUV on the sidewalk. Lucky for me, I’m pretty agile.

So since returning from Dublin, I’ve been focusing on two things: a project for another studio I’m trying to wrap up (this week, I hope) and the final edits/layout approval for Into the Pale Tower, which will be out later this month. I’ve also been talking with the other designers on the team about some of our future plans, including the new adventures we have planned, the expanded Stormpunk Character Primer we’re looking to develop (and print), and the overall future of Rhune: Dawn in Twilight. Suffice it to say, I’ve been very, very pleased with our collaborative efforts and I think fans of Rhune are going to be pleased with the direction we’re taking the setting – even if it is a several shades darker than I originally envisioned it.

So what do we have planned for this Kickstarter? Well, for one, we’re looking to finish adventure arc we started with Into the Pale Tower, following it with The Rune of Hope (by Will Cooper, Joshua Kitchens, and myself) and Frigid Reflections (by Mike Myler). We’re also looking at developing (if we can get the support for it) for another 1st level adventure, as well as a second mid-level adventure (levels 5-6) by Mike Myler and myself. Of course, one of our biggest pushes is going to be the primer relaunch, which is going to update everything in Rhune for the all of Paizo’s current material – including Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, The Advanced Player’s Guide, and the Advanced Race’s Guide (because a lot of stuff has come out since Rhune released in 2009). We’re also going to update some of our own setting-specific content, as well as retrofit some older stuff from Paizo to make it a better fit for play in Rhune.

This is, of course, going to mean more new awesome art – from folks like Terry Maranda, Rick Hershey, Rob Lopatto, Hugo Solis, and possibly a few new artists! And, depending on how well we do, we may just expand the setting (we’re hoping to, actually), giving more folks a look at the realms beyond Midgard, with new art, new maps, and more.

So watch us closely this summer. We have a lot planned.


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