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Winter Solstice

Traditionally, the winter solstice is one of my absolute favorite times – its the hot cocoa, the warm fires, gift exchanges, and family. It also happens to remind me of one of the most basic parts of the fire & ice equation – often encapsulated in the Nordic Myths as the rune Isa. It reminds me of the hazards hidden below frozen lakes, the importance of community, and ultimately, the rebirth of the sun. It’s the eventual warming of the cold, cold North and the green that will return. I could go on to cite many of the myths associated with this time of year, delving into realms previously explored by gentlemen like Joseph Campbell. But there’s really no need. I think, honestly, it’s enough to say I really like this time of year.

Of course, this time of year also means we’re rapidly approaching the new year and all the releases that are planned. Right now, I’m in the final stages of Into the Pale Tower, a Rhune specific adventure that is currently at 70+ pages (34k words), without art. I suspect that once it goes into layout and we add art, pre-generated PCs, NPCs, and handouts, it’s going to weigh to exceed that. I don’t know it’s going to go to print, but I think print on demand will be an option I’ll look strongly at. So, keep an eye out.

Once I’m Stateside (in a little over a month), I’m going to take 60-90 days and do nothing but write. So, you’re going to see a flurry of activity coming from SBS and I hope to set a new pace for our production – which has been much slower than I like. So, by spring, look for a lot more coming from the Hallowed Halls of the North.

Happy Yuletide


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