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Finally, an update…

Good afternoon everyone!

I can’t believe I haven’t updated this blog since April, but it appears that is the case! I guess, however, with all the writing I’ve been doing, it makes sense. So, what have I been doing? Here’s the low-down, quick and dirty.

In April, I finished The Clockwork Primer, a revamp of the very first prestige class I wrote for my campaign setting, Rhune: Dawn of Twilight. Fans of Kobold Quarterly saw an early version of the prestige class, there, as well.

In May, Will Cooper and I finished up Children of the Wode, our answer to Children of the Hammer (which we wrote the preceding September – 1 year ago)! We published and uploaded that in June!

In July, I started on the outline for our very first official adventure, Into the Pale Tower. Will, Joshua, and I spent the majority of the next month writing it. We play tested part of it at the end of the month, right before I left for Gen Con 2013 (we play tested it there, too).

I spent all of August in the U.S. and got very little writing done. I did, however, meet some amazing people (including Will Cooper, who flew in from New Zealand for Gen Con) and play a lot of games. I also managed to sneak out to Providence, Rhode Island, for Necronomicon to get my HP Lovecraft (because I’m a good cultist, I swear). I also spoke with my good friend Chris, who owns Black Star Studios, LLC about his recent Shadowlands Kickstarter (a good portion of which I’ll be writing and developing).

And now, it’s September. I’ve been back in the office for about 16 days and I think I’ve spent nearly every single day of it writing. Why? Well, before the end of this year, I plan to write 20k words for the Shadowlands, finish (and publish) Into the Pale Tower, and update the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight Stormpunk Character Primer. I also have several short, quick pieces I plan to publish under my Storm Bunny Presents line, too. And, on top of all that, I’ve been running my play test group (home group) through some of the roughest parts of Nachtland – where some of them have discovered just how dark one’s fetch can be…

And that, folks, is why I rarely leave my office. It’s also why I haven’t made it to the pool as much as I would have liked to this summer.


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