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Arenthal Galaron….

We’re already midway through February and I feel like I’m juggling several projects – mostly because I am. That said, I have new art! This piece by Terry Maranda is based on one of the characters in my home game. He’s a clockwork elven wizard and the absolute perfect candidate for levels in the Clockwork Adept. Which is awesome, because a) clockwork adepti are awesome, b) sword & stave combos for casters is cool, and c) we’re going to be releasing an updated version of the prestige class very, very shortly (March, 2013). The small but concise PDF will feature this piece, as well as more awesome art.

We’re also going to release another Storm Bunny Presents this month, so keep your eyes peeled toward the end of the month! While we’re still new at this, I’m hoping our first 5-star review will set the standard for future releases!

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