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The last update...

There’s not too much to say at the moment. We’re still working on both Children of the Hammer (which is in layout) and the revised version of The Automata: Guide to the Awakened. In the meantime, I’m writing The Raven’s Agenda, a 1st level adventure that was born out of a playtest for a completely different adventure. Go figure. We’re also working on Children of the Wode, but that’s in the secondary stages of development.

What else? Well, as of yesterday, we’ve got working outline for both The Stormpunk Character’s Primer and the Rhune: Dawn of Twlight Campaign Guide. The revised character primer is scheduled for a 2013 summer release and the campaign guide, well, we’re aiming for spring-summer of 2014. The latter looks like it’s going to be a beast, too. Rhune fans should appreciate that.

I’m also looking at getting some of the more defining qualities of Rhune illustrated, as well. I’m focusing on scenic digital, the sort of images that paint the landscape, as well as its people. I’ll be working in tandem with my current team of artists to ensure this, once I do. But for now, I’m only doing research.

And really folks, that’s about it.

Cheers, Jaye

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