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Future Work

As I mentioned last time, Children of the Hammer is the next release and its currently in edit. Two of my editors have provided significant feedback and both Will and I will be looking at all of this over the next week or two. Once we’ve incorporated all of that, we’re going over to layout and then preparing for release. Children will have some new art, a bunch of fun fluff, and enough new crunch to make it valuable to outside of the Rhune: Dawn of Twilight crowd.

After that, we’re going to give Automata: Guide to the Awakened another look. We’ve some errata we need to incorporate, as well as a few minor changes I’d like to see introduced into the book (which make sense once you take Paizo Publishing’s Advanced Races Guide into account).

Next up will be Children of the Wode. We’re going to push through that and, hopefully, have it out in time for Yule. It’s a delightful concept book and, alongside Children of the Hammer, will give fans a much better look at just where Rhune: Dawn of Twilight is headed.

Early next year, I’m also looking at releasing a new, updated Stormpunk Player’s Guide for the whole setting. Unlike before, however, I’m going to release two editions. One will be free (just like before), giving everyone what they need to build basic characters for Rhune: Dawn of Twilight. Another more robust version, however, will be available for sale. It will include new material, an adventure, GM handouts, and if all goes as planned, a deluxe, Rhune-specific character sheet.

We’re also looking at some side projects and, before the year is out, I fully expect to have some stuff for Storm Bunny Presents!

And with that, it’s time to get back to work! I hope all of you are doing well.



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