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Storm Bunny Presents….

One of the things I knew I wanted to do when I founded SBS was to create a line of products that would aid GMs in their quest to present a unique, exciting, and memorable gaming experience for their players – without chaining them to their desks for hours in preparation. I wanted to produce quick, 2-4 page PDFs that offered GMs something unique for their players, be it a NPC, encounter location, item, or even plot hook. I wanted this PDF to be something that broke standard molds and, if possible, contained its own inherent twists. Something that left PCs going, “Oh, wow, didn’t see that coming…”

When I originally envisioned Storm Bunny Presents, I saw it being setting and system neutral. I wanted (and still do – we’re working on it) something that any GM, whether they were running Savage Worlds or Nightbane, could drop into their campaign and run with. Obviously, some items might fit one theme better than another. If I created a unique steam-powered guardian, it would probably be better suited for Wolfgang Baur’s Midgard than it would Vampire: The Masquerade. Ultimately, as the pool of resources I created grew, so would every GM’s option. Of course, leaving all of the math open meant one thing – the GM still had his share of prep work to do. Items, NPCs, monsters, and encounter locations without statistics meant the GM only had a lengthy PDF full of great ideas.

As you might imagine, this presented me with a dilemma. My inner Shakespeare quipped, “To add stats or not to add stats? That is the question.”

Ultimately, I decided to include statistics. Why? Well, while it would present options that were far more “system specific” (and in this case, that system would be the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game), those statistics wouldn’t limit GMs from using the material for their games, regardless of their chosen game. In essence, everyone would get a great PDF filled with plot twists, unique characters, and so on – Pathfinder GMs would just get a little more.

Am I playing favorites? Sure, I guess I am a little. But hey, it’s really nothing personal. And, as we grow, I’m sure we’ll move outward and develop (when and where possible) material good for other systems, as well. Heck, you never know. Maybe D&D Next will rock, won’t have a draconian 3PP development license, and we’ll churn out some stuff for them.

Oh, and out first product is already in layout. Expect to see it no later than Gen Con.



PS… if you haven’t heard of her, go check out K.Flay (think Nerd-Girl Hip Hop with an indie twist).

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