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Recharging your batteries…

Germany was, in a word, necessary. I needed to get out of Kuwait for a while, walk the cold streets of Cologne, and take in all of its history and life. While some people can get along just fine wherever they are, I need small breaks – treks into our mist-shrouded past – to put everything in perspective. I suppose that’s just how I’m built. That said, the beer and pork didn’t hurt, either. Of course, I’m back in the desert and I’ve a lot planned. This weekend I’m filling in the production outline for SBS, e-mailing our team, and getting some harder dates for everyone. I might even, early next week, have some treats for the website, as well. I’ve also got some reading I need to attend to, as well. In short, I’m going to try and flow through this weekend – by being productive in a relaxed state. At least that’s the goal.

In other news, I’m absolutely loving a wonderful comic called Wasteland by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten. If you’re into comics, check it out.

I’ve also been reading through an advanced copy of Nerine Dorman’s Inkarna, a little gem I received some time back but had to put aside while I focused on SBS. In a way, I’m glad I did, because it’s proving to be a whirlwind read – a real ghostly jaunt through South Africa’s dark-side community. It’s a piece of occult fiction with plenty of interesting links to ancient Egyptian history, gothic horror, and rock music. It’s great stuff, too. Go buy it!! Go read it!!

Well, that’s all for this update. Cheers, Jaye

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