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What are Goëtic Spirits?

A collective of spiritual beings under siege by the Archons and their followers, Goëtic Spirits are a conquered, diverse group of outsiders. Ranging from a wide range of cultures, locations, and times, these entities are sometimes referred to as ‘the little gods,’ a direct reference to their original positions as tribal or ancestral spirits, cultural heroes, or even ancient, forgotten gods. While these little gods still maintain a great deal of power (especially in comparison to that of mankind), many of them do so only through their ties to the historical or mundane world – keeping what little power they have secret names that still haunt the neglected corners of dusty libraries.


Unlike the Archons who conquered them, the Goëtic Spirits are fiercely independent beings, with loose hierarchies (when and if those exist) and who work toward their own, individual ends. Additionally, most of these spirits are unique expressions of the cultures or aeons that spawned them, behaving much in the same way they did when they stepped outside of time, crystalizing their states against the ravages of time, memory, and ignorance. 


Of course, not all of these Goëtic Spirits are good, and many of them are selfish, self-focused beings whose sole concern is their survival. This means that some have stopped helping humanity, and in instead, have focused on carving out new territories in the realms beyond Earth, creating hidden kingdoms in the Astral, the Ethereal, and even in the Infernal. Worse, some have embraced evil, accepting the titles their conquerors’ servants bestowed on them. It is this fact alone that causes some confusion, especially among occultists who see most of these creatures as little more than demons or devils – even if they once were quite different beings. While this isn’t a universal truth (some spirits remain both good and helpful, actively working to help mankind evolve), more than enough of these spirits have served beside mankind to reinforce the simple fact that they, unlike the Archons, want to watch humanity become.