In Bloodlines & Black Magic, your character class represents your overall interests, skills, and strengths in the world. While most characters in Bloodlines & Black Magic develop these interests broadly, while they still walk unaware in the Mundane World, most heroes narrow their focus early on. Players select from the seven following classes: Brawler, Hunter, Occultist, Operative, Psychic, Spiritualist, or Witch.

These classes are briefly described below:

  • Brawlers. Brawlers are the resilient, tough heroes who wear their scars proudly. These characters start tough and remain so throughout their lives, even when they're facing insurmountable odds or supernatural foes that would drive others away in fear.

  • Hunters. Champions of the natural world and its beautiful order, hunters stalk the night looking for supernatural foes to destroy - with most hunters seeing these creatures as little more than abominations. These characters are capable combatants looking for quick kills.

  • Occultists. Occultists spend their lives uncovering secrets, revealing truths, and seeking power in the Invisible World. These characters perform rituals and ceremonies, seeking power in the Invisible World.

  • Operatives. Agents for larger agencies, operatives are the well-trained professionals of the Secret World who often delve into the Invisible World when things get bad. These characters focus on deploying their teams and allies to end threats.

  • Psychics. Masters of the mind, psychics use their profound powers to uncover truths and fight those who it. Able to form a strong connection with the Astral Plane, these characters work with dreams and thoughts like magic.

  • Spiritualists. Experts on the dead, spiritualists are individuals who form bonds with one (or more) entities from beyond - normally the Ethereal Plane - who do their bidding. When someone seeks an expert in things from beyond the grave, they seek out a spiritualist.

  • Witches. Witches are powerful spellcasters who form pacts with spirits, gaining a familiar and a great deal of power in the process. Most witches align themselves to a single Goëtic Spirit directly, working in tandem with the spirit and its coven to change the world around them.


In Bloodlines & Black Magic, a character’s bloodline replaces the ‘race’ or ‘species’ component of their character.


Though this choice is important, a character’s bloodline rarely manifests in any physical, notable way; ‘blooded’ characters look like everyone else in the Mundane World, inheriting their ethnicity and appearance from their biological parents.


The bloodlines have long understood this fact and each line, even when disproportionally disbursed in some regions, takes great pride in discovering others in the general population whose blood connects them.

The 7 bloodlines in Bloodlines & Black Magic are:

  • The Dragon-BloodedThe Dragon bloodline has a story as old as Leviathan itself; the lineages have a reputation for cruelty and coldness.

  • The Dream-Blooded - The Dream bloodline lineages are ancient in all lands but are greatly diminished and under constant, often blatant assault.

  • The Fey-Blooded - The Fey bloodline traces its roots to the heart of Gaia herself, enjoying connections to the natural world few others ever understand.

  • The Infernal-Blooded - The Infernal bloodline traces its lineages across all seven continents and into the seats of power of far too many countries.

  • The Jinn-Blooded - Jinn-blooded humans are natural trendsetters and gravitate towards travel whenever possible.

  • The Seraphic-Blooded - The Seraphic bloodlines lineages have long been intertwined with, and certainly influenced by, the Archons.

  • The Shadow-Blooded - The Shadow bloodline lineages are older than many realize, twisting back into the shadows of time itself; you were born from the echoes of creation.

The Obsidian Heart recruits its members

from all over the globe.

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