A backbone in many tabletop roleplaying games, the idea of mystery remains a central theme in Bloodlines & Black Magic and is expressed throughout.


Player characters interact with the element of mystery through clues, which we divide into three categories in Bloodlines & Black Magic. These are physical clues, psychic clues, and social clues.

These clues are described below.


Your Aura

In Bloodlines & Black Magic, your aura is a reflection of your ideas, your choices, and the bonds you have formed through the attunement process.


To understand this relationship, it is important that you understand that your aura is more than just your ‘energy’ expressed as color – your aura is a complex pattern that measures your alignment to the Invisible World, its denizens, its objects, and its Domains. When you create a magical bond in the Invisible World, that bond appears as part of your aura.



We designed these categories to encourage players to look at every angle of a situation, from the direct physical environment (physical clues) to the murky world of social media (social clues) and, when needed, beyond (using an ability called Pierce the Veil, described below).


Characters who thoroughly investigate the situations presented in episodes of Bloodlines & Black Magic will often discover that while the physical evidence may paint one picture, the truth of many situations is only revealed when people look at all the angles – even the odd, uncomfortable ones.

  • Physical Clues. These clues include what normally constitutes evidence on most crime scenes, including things like DNA, fingerprints, and similar identifying clues.

  • Psychic Clues. These clues include items discovered in the Invisible World, usually noticed while someone actively searches the area with Pierce the Veil active. Psychic clues might also include visions, dreams, and other paranormal impressions.

  • Social Clues. Social clues include items discovered through discussion, by actively following social media, through observing human behavior, and by collecting witness statements from events no one believes.

While many supernatural and horror-themed games use sanity as a measurement for how well humans handle their interaction with the supernatural, Bloodlines & Black Magic does not. Instead, as characters interact with the supernatural, they gain Oddities – magical markings visible in their aura and by extension, anyone capable of observing entities operating in the Invisible World.


Although these markings are reflections of your experiences, some of these Oddities arise from the bonds created from attunement, as well as in response to specific foes or situations. Some foes, like those with strong links to other realms, may also leave their mark on a character if that individual is not careful.

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