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Only a rare few individuals know who and what the Archons truly are. To most people (at least those who seek answers beyond the Veil), they are powerful angels, celestial beings that could, with a touch, cure diseases, raise the dead, or wipe a small city from the face of the earth. Luckily for those same cities, the Archons are too busy elsewhere, fighting invisible wars against the outer darkness, running celestial domains few men will ever see, and stamping out their old enemies – namely the Goëtic Spirits they drove from Earth well over two millennia ago.


Were any of us unlucky enough to gaze upon one of the Archons for even a brief second, we’d face a towering giant that resembles a humanoid cloaked in fire, with layers of feathered, pure white wings – layers upon layers of wings. Most of us would probably assume the Archons are Seraphim of the highest order, but we’d be wrong – very, very wrong. Because while the Archons certainly fit the Hollywood or Hallmark version of angels, they are anything but – they are alien creatures that care little for our individual lives, and instead focus on maintaining a universal coherence that is far beyond the cusp of our understanding.


The fact is, the Archons are more akin to universal superintendents, celestial managers who sit atop fiery thrones while they oversee the operation of a mechanical universe that is both invisible and indivisible, the literal stuff of stars, Will, and old wives’ tales. They rule a world that resonates with indiscernible patterns, using rules and laws that would baffle even the best-trained physicist. 

What are the Archons?

Their Hierarchies

In Bloodlines & Black Magic, the Archons operate under a strict, but secret hierarchy. This hierarchy is topped by the Seven of the Secret Names, whose true names are hidden. These Archons are known by their common names and titles, which are: 


Anzreala, Grand Archon of Pillars and Cities. 

Leshiræl, Grand Archon of Flames and The Infernal. 

Haziliah, Grand Archon of Spirits and Lightning. 

Nannareal, Grand Archon of Secrets and Whispers. 

Yasazziel, Grand Archon of Glittering Things and Earthly Delights. 

Sehrial, Grand Archon of Watchman and Spies. 

Hetrathreal, Grand Archon of War and Wealth. 


Beneath these Archons are the lesser archons, who are divided as follows: 


The Ashmeræl – Those Who Watch. 

The Anavakha – Those Who Deliver. 

The Umuniah – Those Who Serve.

The Nemanah – Those Who Smite. 

The Anerriel – Those Who Teach Secrets, 

The Babdaih – Those Who Whisper.

The Veniel – Those Who Bring Love.



Beneath these Archons are the Grand Hosts, each with their numbers, leaders, consorts, and guides.