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Copyright Storm Bunny Studios 2020

Bloodlines & Black Magic weaves its larger narrative across several books and stories, tying mechanics directly to some elements while leaving others entirely optional.


This is intentional.


As a game, Bloodlines & Black Magic relies on these stories to reinforce not only the larger narrative, but also to give players fun, playable options through which they can immerse themselves in this narrative; Bloodlines & Black Magic is a combination of its form, as well as its function, and we’ve taken steps to ensure the world we’ve created weaves our core concepts into everyone’s story.

The Core Assumption

Bloodlines & Black Magic takes place on an alternate Earth, very similar to the one you and I know. It has much of the same history (with only slight variations), the same level of technology, the same social and political problems, and nearly all of the population believes everything is as it should be.


This world, however, is wrong.


Instead, the world of Bloodlines & Black Magic divides itself into three worlds, only two of which the PCs can work in (at least initially); the Mundane World, the Secret World, and the Invisible World.


Player characters are born in the Mundane World and begin play as either a human or one of seven supernatural bloodlines.


Next, the player character selects a class to play, using its skills and class abilities to discover the other worlds through play. As player characters explore the world of Bloodlines & Black Magic, their discoveries along the way unlock oddities in the game, allowing players to modify their player characters in unique ways (often through attunements) while also giving them access to a larger base of powers (although the oddities, themselves, convey no powers).


As player characters complete episodes of Bloodlines & Black Magic, they slowly gain levels and with those, the power needed to survive in the Secret and Invisible Worlds, both of which hold terrible secrets and the monsters who guard them.