Bloodlines & Black Magic is an occult-themed horror roleplaying game that takes place in a world very similar to our own. In this game, the players take on the roles of individuals born in the mundane world who gain the ability to perceive the supernatural world hidden to everyone else. Suddenly able to Pierce the Veil, these heroes begin to see the Invisible World and all the horrors it holds.

Built with the 5e community in mind, this newest edition is designed to be both familiar and easy to learn for anyone familiar with d20 games. 

In Bloodlines & Black Magic, the heroes play humans born to 1 of 7 magical bloodlines, each of which is further broken down into competing (and sometimes warring) lineages. These 7 bloodlines give these lucky humans powers and abilities that let them become agents of change in this world - for good or for ill. These 7 bloodlines are the dragon-blooded, the dream-blooded, the fey-blooded, the infernal-blooded, the seraphic-blooded, and the shadow-blooded.

These dark heroes also select 1 of 7 classes that represent the hero's general interests. Each class includes a collection of talents, secrets, training, and skills that give the hero an advantage in this world. These 7 classes are the brawler, the hunter, the occultist, the operative, the psychic, the

spiritualist, and the witch.

The Core Assumption

Bloodlines & Black Magic takes place on an alternate Earth, very similar to the one you and I know. It has much of the same history (with only slight variations), the same level of technology, the same social and political problems, and nearly all of the population believes everything is as it should be.


This world, however, is wrong.


Instead, the world of Bloodlines & Black Magic divides itself into three worlds, only two of which the PCs can work in (at least initially); the Mundane World, the Secret World, and the Invisible World.

As these heroes explore the Mundane and Secret Worlds, they begin to discover clues - physicalpsychic, and social - that lead them deeper into the dark, forgotten, and secret places of the world. Over time, and after great effort, some of these heroes discover the Invisible World.


As player characters complete episodes of Bloodlines & Black Magic, they slowly gain levels and with those, the power needed to survive in the Secret and Invisible Worlds, both of which hold terrible secrets and the monsters who guard them.

John Churchstreet

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