Recent Projects


Dawn of Twilight©Rhune Logo

A “stormpunk” campaign setting for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game®, Rhune explores the social and economic dynamics of a world with Ragnarök creeping forward. Split between nine distinct realms, the lands of Rhune offer unlimited possibility. Although it is intended for mature gamers, it is suitable for all age groups.


Storm Bunny Presents

Storm Bunny Presents will be a broad line of products suitable for any number of gaming systems and will offer GMs and Storytellers a line of products aimed at simplifying game preparation. It will include all manner of accessories, including evocative maps, memorable NPCs (non-player characters), impressive encounter locations, short stories intended to spark the imagination, and handouts that ease preparation time. The overall line will focus on story-telling and narrative immersion, leaving the system specifics to the GM!

The first of the Storm Bunny Presents line is expected to release in Q2-Q3, 2013.


Trinity Dark©

Trinity Dark© is a LARP (live action role-playing) system and setting that explores a modern world entrenched in a shadow war. Its factions are secretive, influential, and infernal – and they aim to carve up the world in which you live.

The system is currently in the build phase. Trinity Dark© aims to simplify theatrical gaming systems without detracting from their depth, while maintaining a focus on cooperative play. It will include a system for advancing factions in local and regional narratives.

Storm Bunny Studios aims to release Trinity Dark© for its initial play test in Q1, 2014.


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